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Combat Your Coffee Consumption With Dandelion Coffee

One of the more challenging parts of detoxing is giving up your daily coffee. If you rely on your coffee to get you up and going each morning, going without it for 14 days while detoxing may see you clutching onto your latte for dear life! Fortunately, combating your coffee addiction during a detox doesn’t have to be that hard. Dandelion root is the preferred herbal alternative that will give you a similar taste and experience to having that morning cup of joe.

The benefits of Dandelion

Dandelion is a plant used for both its leaves and roots. Its commonly used a coffee replacement because the root can be extracted, ground and blended to make a mixture that has a similar taste to coffee, (without the caffeine of course!)

The benefits of dandelion go further than helping you quit coffee though; it’s also a wonderful digestive aid, perfect for healing and nourishing your gut during a detox. Dandelion root promotes healthy digestion and helps to balance out bacteria in the intestine. It also works to release stomach acid and bile that supports a healthy digestive tract.

During your detox, dandelion is the perfect companion for your liver, as it will support the liver in removing toxins and balancing out electrolytes. If inflammation and a low immune system create constant issues for you, you’ll love the extra support that dandelion gives your body. It works to reduce inflammation and improve blood cells using its high levels of antioxidants and phytonutrients.

How to make it as a ‘coffee’

Fortunately, you don’t have to grow your own dandelions in the garden and make your own mixture to get access to this wonderful plant. There are plenty of dandelion coffee alternatives available at health stores, so you can focus on hitting reset during your detox with a nice cup of dandelion brew.

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10 Ways to Regularly Detox Your Liver for Optimal Health

The humble liver is a vital organ in your body, performing over 400 functions! The liver acts as a filter, by sifting through every single thing that comes into your body. It uses anything healthy and gets rids of anything toxic that isn’t required. The liver works to break down proteins, remove damaged blood cells and it also holds [...]

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5 Simple Ways to Keep Your Tummy Flat During the Silly Season

The silly season calls for fun and festivities with friends and family, but with it often comes weight gain and bloated tummies. These 5 tips will help you banish the extra weight and keep your tummy flat, while still having fun over the holidays!Switch every second drink for water The silly season calls for parties and regular festivities and [...]

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3 Steps to Finding the Best Fitness Plan for Your Body

You’ve seen the ads on TV and in the magazines:“The ONLY plan you’ll need to lose weight” “The secret fitness tip that will change your life forever”The reality is that there isn’t one fitness plan that suits everyone. The best fitness plan for you is the one that is unique to your goals and is on that you’ll stick to! [...]

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​3 Simple Tips to Stay on Track when Limiting Heavier Foods and Alcohol

The detox process may feel like a battle with temptation, as heavier processed foods and alcohol are eliminated from your diet. We can find comfort in a warm meal and a glass of vino (or two!), but when it comes to the detox process, it’s time to switch these toxic temptations for cleansing foods and drinks.Why do you need [...]

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​How to keep the weight off and maintain your Summer results during Winter

As the Winter chill hits we tend to switch our Summer salads for comfort food and our swimsuits for cosy knits. It’s common to feel less motivated and less focused on your health as the long Summer days start to seem like a distant memory. All the effort and great work put into reaching your goal weight for Summer [...]

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​How alcohol affects the body (and how to find healthy alternatives)

From the first sip, alcohol hits your bloodstream and starts being distributed throughout your body. Even as a casual drinker, alcohol can create serious damage to your body in the long term, both physically and emotionally.What does alcohol really do to the body?Alcohol affects the body holistically, causing damage to many different areas. The main areas for concern are the excretory [...]

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Tips to cleanse during Dry July for a complete health overhaul

Dry July is one of the best times of year for a complete health overhaul. Quitting alcohol for the month is the first step to rid your body of toxins, and give your hardworking liver a chance to cleanse. While you’re avoiding alcohol in Dry July, it’s the perfect time to completely detox your body and lifestyle, resulting in [...]

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Detox Questionnaire & Benefits of Detoxification

Detoxification Questionnaire Take this quick detox quiz and find out how the silly season may be catching up with you! If you answer yes to more than 3 of these questions then your energy, vitality and overall well-being will stand to benefit enormously by embarking on a Detox Program. 1. Are you overweight? A) Yes B) No 2. Do you [...]

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What Our Smart Cleanse Customers Are Saying?

Hi Savannah,Thank you so much for your speedy response, it’s greatly appreciated.I’ve lost count of how many times I have read your website. The product and program seems absolutely amazing so suffice to say my partner and I are both really excited to start the program and start seeing results.Thank you again for your assistance.Kind [...]

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