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What Our Smart Cleanse Customers Are Saying?

What Our Smart Cleanse Customers Are Saying?

Hi Savannah,

Thank you so much for your speedy response, it’s greatly appreciated.

I’ve lost count of how many times I have read your website. The product and program seems absolutely amazing so suffice to say my partner and I are both really excited to start the program and start seeing results.

Thank you again for your assistance.

Kind Regards,


29th July 2014

Before I buy any kind of product whether it be health, fitness, loans, cars I really like to research and do my homework before jumping into anything, and I can honestly say when searching online (google) for a cleanse, yours is the only website that has provided the exact information I am looking for, whereas others are very vague, which doesn’t satisfy my need for information.

So that being said, I found the website fantastic! You provide detailed information on the products, their contents, dosage and most important (for me) what those products will achieve for you. The weed, seed and feed methodology (which I had never heard before) makes so much sense and how that is achieved is so easily set out through the stages shown. I am so glad I stumbled across the site and what makes me trust the product even more is that it’s an AUS product which has been created by an AUS Naturopath – Wow! A lot of products on the market are from the US and I always feel that little bit unsure about the contents and standards to which the product is made.

Thankyou for providing support when my partner and I start. We’ll definitely be in contact to let you know how were going.

Kindest regards,

Bethany Lomas

August 1st 2014

Good Morning Savannah,

Just wanted to touch base with you to let you know my partner and I received our smart cleanse products on Saturday afternoon and got stuck straight into it on Sunday.

From the very first day we felt results. We are currently on day 5 and can not only still feel results but we see results! My partner has lost 4kgs already and I have lost 3kgs – Wow!!!

Weight loss, change of eating habits and lifestyle was definitely the driving force for my partner starting the cleanse and it’s working for him which is great! He even has to wear a belt with his work pants now lol and for me being a very healthy eater and active person already I wanted to try the cleanse to see if it would assist with digestive/health issues (which doctors still can’t provide answers for) I have been experiencing for the past 16 months. From fluid retention to swollen abdomen, constipation and bloating even water makes me swell. I am definitely feeling better inside and am starting to feel like my old self again which I am celebrating! I can’t wait until the finish line to see how I am going to feel – Hopefully better than ever.

Thank you for providing a product that works and makes you feel amazing inside and out from the get go..

Bethany Lomas

August 1st 2014

We are both very dedicated and how can we not be with such an amazing product right at our fingertips. I haven’t once felt the urge to waiver off the cleanse which is a great feeling considering I have quite a bit of a sweet tooth - chocolate, cake, biscuit cravings be gone! 

More and more people need to know how the product worked for those who have tried it and to tell their get well story. What’s even better is if after reading the testimonials and the great information on your website that they jumped on the smart cleanse bandwagon too - that’s def what made me choose to detox with smart cleanse.

Thank you very much, I’ll definitely keep you informed.

Kind Regards,

Bethany Lomas

2nd October 2014

The detox really did assist myself but more so my partner. He not only managed to lose 5 kgs the eating plan required him to make drastic changes to his eating and meal habits. This has been fantastic as he now knows the amazing benefits of eating the right kinds of foods and having the others in moderation. So much so he has stayed on the healthy food bandwagon, lost a further 3kgs and doesn’t complain if I say quinoa salad is on the menu for dinner. Yaay! If we didn’t complete our Smart Cleanse detox I know he wouldn’t be in the frame of mind he is in now..

Thank you again very, very much.

Kind Regards,

Bethany Lomas

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