Frequently Asked Questions

What foods should I be eating during the program?

The Smart Cleanse Instruction Manual provides you with a comprehensive Allowable Food List and also a Carbohydrate and Calorie Counter, where you will be eating the recommended portion in grams, tallying 20 – 30 grams of carbs daily, from the following food groups: Protein, alkaline-rich vegetables, good fats, seeds, fresh herbs, water, and herbal teas.

What if I get too busy to commit to 14 Day Smart Cleanse during the program, or I have to attend social engagements with all my temptations present?

Carry the Smart Cleanse Instruction Manual with you, stay focused and focus on how incredible you feel or will feel, avoiding alcohol and junk food, losing a few extra kilos (if that’s your goal), and achieving all your other wellness and life goals by choosing a healthy lifestyle over an unhealthy one.

What can I do if the Products make me feel unwell?

The products contain a large majority of certified organic ingredients and are flavoured as naturally as possible only using natural real peppermint, cinnamon and vanilla bean powders. The products are also low allergy, meaning they do not contain any yeast, gluten, milk derivatives, preservatives, artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners. If you do however, for any reason have an adverse reaction to any one of the products, please discontinue, and just carry on with the Detox Rules and Weight Loss Plan.

Can I have any alcohol during 14 Day Smart Cleanse?

No, none. Alcohol is one of the major toxins so needs to be avoided for successful detoxification, liver health, and weight loss.

What happens if I weaken and have one alcoholic beverage?

Don’t get disheartened and beat yourself up by throwing the towel in. Forgive yourself and remember your commitment saying no to the next drink, choosing mineral water with fresh fruit in it, and getting straight back on the horse so to speak. The program is only 14 days… c’mmon you can do it!

What if I am on medication? Can I keep taking it during 14 Day Smart Cleanse?

It is always advised before commencing a Detox Program to check with your GP or health professional as to whether there are any individual risks involved. It has been clinically proven to be a very safe program unless you are PREGNANT, BREAST FEEDING OR HAVE A SERIOUS MEDICAL CONDITION.

Can I have any salt during 14 Day Smart Cleanse?

No refined salt or table salt is allowed as salt can cause adverse health effects. However, a small amount, 2/5 of a teaspoon of organic sea salt, Pink Himalayan, or Celtic Sea Salt, should be used daily. It is actually very rich in minerals, and our body requires unrefined salt for health. There is a big difference between the white easy to pour table salt, and natural untouched salt, that hasn’t been tampered with.

What should I do if Colon Cleanse Formula is too strong in its fibre and laxative action, or not strong enough?

Firstly make sure you have it well over half an hour before food. Do not drink and eat. Makes sure you have it in 300mLs of purified water. If it’s too strong, adjust the frequency to once per day, morning, half an hour before breakfast. If its not enough, have 7 grams, or a loaded teaspoon, in 300mLs of water, and have it twice or 3 times daily, half an hour before every meal, or as directed.

How much weight can I lose on this program?

Because the Smart Cleanse Program combines detox and weight loss together, it is not uncommon to lose weight rapidly over the 14 days. The more weight you have to lose the more weight you will lose at a faster rate. It is not uncommon to lose 5 kilos in the 1st week, and 2-3 kilos in the 2nd week*. That’s because of the Metabolic Advantage that this program gives you.

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