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Liver Support
Sharon Hawke
Highly Recommend

Prior to doing a cleanse in July last year I could tell my liver was really struggling.
My GP also told me that I had a sluggish gallbladder. Adding Liver Support in week 2 of the cleanse really made a difference. It gave me much more energy, my sleep improved & my body temperature was no longer running hot all the time.
Excellent product!

Digestive Tonic
Sharon Hawke
I Love These Products!

Savannah’s products are top notch.
Prior to using them I felt really congested from a digestive perspective & I simply could not shift any weight.

I can really feel the difference the digestive tonic makes and I now take it on a daily basis.

Love smart cleanse

Fantastic detox and gut boosting program. I try to do this at least 2 x year and it resets my body plus reminds me to keep doing what makes me feel great!
Super easy to follow and your never hungry.
Try it, invest in yourself 😍

Smart Game Changer
Rebecca TOOHEY
not able to start

when I read through the directions and preparation plus what to expect when starting this treatment, I am reluctant to start when I am working fulltime and travelling for work too. i cannot take 3-5 days off to have detox headaches or sty near a toilet. I really want to start but will wait until I can take time off.

Smart Starter
Coby Koster
Eazy Peazy......

Absolutely love my SmartCleanse. Did it 2 years ago (was meant to do it last year as well but it slipped by me). Knew what to expect and loved the 3kg weight loss in the first 2 weeks again. Just enough to get the clothes fitting comfortably again. A great way to reset my body (and it's habits). Hardly drink now, eat smaller portions, healthier food in the fridge and it has just made me more mindful of what I consume. Love the taste of the various 'potions' and yes, it such an easy way to get 'healthy' again. I totally trust and respect all the research that it has obviously gone into. Will do it again next year and always recommend it to my friends.

Smart Starter
Lisa Doyle

I completed smartcleanse a week ago and feel fabulous!!

Bloating gone and energy levels much higher.

Would highly recommend

Smart Game Changer
Malessa Khoury
Game Changer

Best detox ive done by far, not only have I lost the unwanted kgs I feel great and I have learnt how to eat. Definitely will do this twice a year to reset.

Smart Starter
Amanda Princi
Amazing cleanse

I feel amazing after the smart 14 day cleanse. The drinks tasted great and the program was easy to follow and well designed. Thank you smart cleanse I am recommending to friends and family

Smart Starter
Celine Wallace

This is the best cleanse I've ever tried! It includes so many different elements of cleansing the body that I always feel my best after I do it.
I do this four times a year, every season, to recharge and reset my body, getting rid of any toxins that may have built up.
I have tried others over the years and always find something missing, but from the digestive capsules to the tongue cleaner to the clay capsules and everything in between, I feel like Smart Cleanse encapsulates it all.
I'm always excited to feel this good and looking forward to that post-cleanse feeling!

Smart Starter
Tanya M

This cleanse is awesome. A fair bit of prep is involved for the meals, but it’s totally worth it. It’s the only one I’ve been able to stick to, and it’s changed my relationship with carbs. 5kg down and I plan to do another. Love it!

14 Day Smart Cleanse - Smart Starter
Brett Walford
A team effort

“All done and feeling much better - and lighter!! I lost around 5kg, my wife 2.5 kg and the staff are very happy and by all accounts plenty of weight shed!”
The team (6) at my fat puku cafe ( Great Barrier Island, NZ) are all very happy with their own personal results and are very positive about this product- one has even completed the 14 day smart cleanse twice in preparation for an overseas holiday.
Personally I’m still eating clean, introduced coffee after four days ( I own a cafe so what do you expect 😊) and still losing weight. Over 6 kg now and counting.
A special thanks to Savannah and her team for quick, easy and efficient service and for following up on our results.
I’m very happy to recommend smart cleanse to anybody and I’m already doing that.
All of the above and natural too, thank you smart cleanse.

14 Day Smart Cleanse - Smart Starter
Sharon Hawke
Road Map To Vitality

I have just completed back to back cleanses, thanx to Savannah’s generous “Dry July” offer.
Week three I plateaued & was somewhat discouraged.
I posted as much in the Smart Achievers FB group….
Savannah was quick to jump on and encourage me to keep going…
Which I am very thankful for…..
From that point I decided not to weigh myself mid week, just weekly….
That in itself is a huge thing for me.
I have weighed myself daily for years…..& cringed as I watched the scale continue to move in the wrong direction, thanx to menopause….
But that has all changed now….
Ladies you do not have to put up with that!
I just needed a road map, which this protocol is….
So, week three no loss or gain…..
What a difference a week makes….
Stepped on the scales this morning….
5.7kg gone!!!!!
I am half way to my goal & will continue with this as a way of life…,
Sleeping much better, more energy, mental clarity….
Thanx Savannah for all the research that you put into this protocol….
I never felt hungry.
The recipes are delish!
What’s NOT to love!

14 Day Smart Cleanse - Smart Starter
The Best!

I have done this cleanse a few times now with great success. The cleanse itself is amazing but the best bit for me has been learning strategies and habits that have helped me make long-term, healthy changes. I lost 7kgs in total and was able to sustain the change well after the cleanse ended.

14 Day Smart Cleanse - Smart Starter
Reset with Smart Cleanse

After a massive year with so many high levels of stress, I find this cleanse resets me, mentally and physically. I highly recommend Smart Cleanse.I was a huge coffee, wine lover and yes the first couple of days are really hard to get through (headaches and sweats) but once you get through it you feel amazing, especially at the end of the first week. It is the best reset if you want to feel lighter, clearer and have so much energy. I no longer have body aches and pains, and it is so much easier to exercise. My clothes and even my shoes feel loose and my skin is glowing, highly recommend!
I try and do a couple every year.

14 Day Smart Cleanse - Smart Starter
Joe Dabbous
A rewarding Challenge

It’s been at least a couple years since my last cleanse, and whilst challenging, it is always so very rewarding.
More energy, renewed focus, less weight, less bloat, clearer skin.
Highly recommend.

14 Day Smart Cleanse - Smart Starter
Karla Cazalet

I had such fabulous results from Smart Cleanse. Not only physically but mentally. The booklet is still referred to daily, even after the cleanse. After the first few days I felt a huge shift in my cravings. I used to say if a potato was a man I would marry him. The breakup was simple and I never miss 'him' nor his partner in crime: sugar. This will be my second cleanse this year and fourth all up and instead of falling off the bandwagon straight afterwards, I kept a relaxed keto lifestyle and the weight didn't come back. Looking forward to my next one already.

Smart Cleanse - Colon Cleanse Formula
Linda Avramides
Really effective

Feel so much lighter and it really works. Have recommended it to my friends.

14 Day Smart Cleanse - Smart Starter
Another cleanse completed

I was well overdue for a cleanse and it was my first one ever where I had no withdrawal headaches at all. My energy levels increased quickly and the brain fog lifted. I also noticed a change for the better in my mood and sleep. Oh, and I really enjoyed the new gut lining flavour! Thanks Smart Cleanse - I really needed that and feel so much better for it!!!

14 Day Smart Cleanse - Smart Starter
Beatriz George
Best Detox!!

I have been doing the Smart Cleanse detox for over 7 years and I always have the best results.
This time I lost 3.5 kg and feeling fantastic.
Best money invested in myself! ❤️

14 Day Smart Cleanse - Smart Starter
Belinda D
Everyone needs this!

I did my first Smartcleanse in 2020 for 3 weeks with incredible results. I ate lots of protein throughout the detox & I'm quite petite, but still lost 3 kgs without even trying!

Most of that fat never returned, it just melted off. But my intention was to heal from fatigue, clear my skin, and flush out any viruses & toxins. My skin looked incredible and I really felt & saw the difference in my energy & clarity of mind. Massive results.

I recently decided it was time to detox again and I'm glad I did. I regained so much energy & vitality, my skin completely cleared up again and I'm making more permanent tweaks to my diet to support the progress made.

There's so many toxins in modern life, I truly feel this detox is essential for everyone. Thank you Savannah & Smart Cleanse team for the transformational work you do!

14 Day Smart Cleanse - Smart Starter
Good reset

I have found smart cleanse to be the only product that gives my body a good kickstart to shift some unwanted kilos without having to undergo a ninja style exercise regime. This is my second batch and feel the results are very consistent, however I was a little disappointed that the recipes have not been updated since my first trial several years ago, but would highly recommend this to anyone who wants their body to have a good detox.

14 Day Smart Cleanse - Smart Starter

I absolutely love Smart Cleanse and highly recommend it! This is my second time completing the cleanse and I will be continuing to do one each year. I was a huge coffee, wine and sugar lover and yes the first couple of days are really hard to get through (headaches and sweats) but once you get through it you feel amazing, especially at the end of the first week. It is the best reset if you want to feel lighter, clearer and have so much energy. I no longer have body aches and pains, and it is so much easier to exercise. My clothes and even my shoes feel loose and my skin is glowing, highly recommend!

14 Day Smart Cleanse - Smart Starter
Great cleanse

Good easy cleanse to follow to kickstart health goals.

14 Day Smart Cleanse - Smart Starter
Break your menopause weight!

Being right in the middle of menopause I find myself in a body that isn’t mine! Putting on weight in places iv never put weight on before, which is really depressing. Iv done the Smart cleanse 4 times now, being nearly at the end of my fourth now. Iv lost 5 1/2 kilos in 8 days and it’s still coming off. Iv put 6 people I know onto this product and everyone is having amazing results. My Flatmate has lost 7 1/2 kilos in 7 days, she actually thanked me this morning for introducing her to it, it’s her first time and she can’t believe it. You need to be mentally ready to do it and organised as it’s a total clean out of all toxins, but I promise you you won’t regret it!

14 Day Smart Cleanse - Smart Starter
Margot Best

After the 1st 4 days, I was starting to feel better from some of my aches & discomfort in the gut.

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