rather than a fat storer

Commit to the plan and feel those excess kilos melt away.

Here is a brief snapshot of a typical day on 14 Day Smart Cleanse Detox Kit from the 14 Day Planner and the 30 recipes which you will find in the booklet that comes inside the kit.

You can consume 3 organic meals a day comprised of protein, vegetables, fruit week 2, good fats, seeds, purified water and caffeine - free herbal tea, along with avoiding the 4 major toxins: caffeine, alcohol, sugar and table salt.

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14 Day Smart Cleanse comes with a comprehensive mini booklet that contains all the program information for Detoxification and the Smart Cleanse Weight Loss Plan with Allowable Food Lists, Carb and Calorie Counter, and 30 gourmet detox and weight loss recipes. As a result of adhering to Smart Cleanse you will move closer to your target weight in just 14 days. 95% of customers do reach their target weight on this program.

This is due to the combination of a naturopathic weed, seed, feed detox together with a controlled carb low GI plan! It really is a double edged sword for reaching your target weight and burning excess body fat. It takes about 72 hours to go into ketosis (fat burning) and once you are there, you can enjoy the bonus of balanced blood sugar levels and appetite suppression that comes with becoming a ‘fat burner’ rather than a fat storer.

You will also notice after weeding out the pathogenic bacteria from your gut, restoring your gut wall function, and seeding in the beneficial microbiota, that your bloating is reduced and your digestive system will feel like its working the way it was designed to.

It’s the best detox and weight management around!

Want to feel healthier, slimmer & happier in just 14 days?

  • Lose Weight
  • Increase Energy
  • Relieve Bloating
  • Strengthen Gut Microbiome
  • Brighten Moods
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