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3 Simple Tips to Stay on Track when Limiting Heavier Foods and Alcohol

The detox process may feel like a battle with temptation, as heavier processed foods and alcohol are eliminated from your diet. We can find comfort in a warm meal and a glass of vino (or two!), but when it comes to the detox process, it’s time to switch these toxic temptations for cleansing foods and drinks.

Why do you need to cut heavier foods and alcohol when detoxing?

Heavier processed foods and alcohol are major toxins and must be avoided to ensure a successful detoxification process, liver health and to reach your desired weight loss.

The temptation may be very real, but staying on track with your detox doesn’t have to be a struggle. There are some simple ways you can ensure these common temptations don’t ruin your dedication to your detox!

1 - Switch it up

When temptation hits, one of the best things you can do to handle it in the moment, is switch your activity up. If you’re thinking about pouring yourself that glass of vino or eating that less than healthy meal, go for a quick walk around the block to change your environment. Switch it up in the moment to avoid regret later on.

2 - Prepare for the obstacles ahead

You know that old saying fail to plan, plan to fail? This rings very true when detoxing. One of the easiest ways to stay on track when eliminating heavy foods and alcohol is to prep your week in advance. Write your meal plan down and grab your food items in one go, when you’re feeling on track. Ensure you have delicious healthy snacks and meals prepped in the fridge to grab when temptation hits. It all comes down to preparing in advance!

3 - Remember why you started

If you’re starting to feel tempted or sliding off track, it’s time to get real and honest with yourself and remind yourself why you started the detox to begin with. Focusing on your why is often the quickest way to switch from temptation mode to dedication mode!

Whether you’re aiming for weight loss, increased energy, glowing skin or all of the above, take a moment to reflect on your mission for the detox and put yourself first. Make it a daily habit during your detox to remind yourself of your goals by taking some deep breaths and visualising your future healthy self.