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Vegan Dark Chocolate 

300g organic dark cooking chocolate 

2 tbspn extra virgin coconut oil 

2 tbspn cocao butter buttons, finely chopped 

¼ tspn vanilla extract 

6 drops coconut extract

Pinch sea salt


Hazelnut Ganache Centre

3/4 cups coconut milk

½ cup panna organic hazelnut praline

2 tspn extra virgin coconut oil

230g dark cooking chocolate

2 tspn extra virgin coconut oil

2 tbspn maple syrup

1/8 tspn fine sea salt

1 tspn vanilla extract


Vegan White Chocolate Centre

200 g raw cacao buttons

4 tbspn extra virgin coconut oil

2 tbspn cashew butter (almond butter is fine also)

½ cup liquid cup monk fruit baking syrup

1/4 tspn sea salt

1 tspn vanilla extract

Pinch sea salt



Vegan Dark Chocolate Coating

1. Melt chocolate water bath technique

2. Melt cocao buttons & coconut oil 

3. Add dark chocolate stir until fully melted then cool. 


Hazelnut Ganache Chocolates

1. Coat moulds in melted dark chocolate to create a chocolate shell for the hazelnut ganache and place in fridge until set.

2. In small pot heat coconut milk, hazelnut praline spread, monk fruit sugar, and salt until melted and smooth.

3. Whilst hot, pour over the chocolate to melt it.

4. Add the vanilla extract & coconut oil, stir until ganache is smooth. 

5. Use piping bag to fill moulds with ganache centre and then top with dark chocolate layer to close the outer shell of chocolate around the ganache centre.

6. Place back in freezer or refrigerator.

7. Pipe cooled dark melted chocolate in patterns and immediately garnish with crushed freeze-dried strawberries & edible flowers (totally optional if tricky and don't have time).

Vegan White Chocolates 

1. Over double boiler, melt cacao butter and coconut oil.

2. Add cashew butter, monk fruit syrup, salt & vanilla until smooth then allow to cool.

3. Pour into chocolate moulds to set in freezer or refrigerator.

4. Once set, dip each vegan white chocolate egg into the cooled, melted dark chocolate then place on baking tray.

5. Immediately sprinkle hazelnuts and few flakes of sea salt.

6. Place in the fridge or freezer to set

7. Remove them an hour before serving so vegan hazelnut ganache and white choc is soft in the centre.


Happy Easter!

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