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3 Steps to Finding the Best Fitness Plan for Your Body

You’ve seen the ads on TV and in the magazines:

“The ONLY plan you’ll need to lose weight”

“The secret fitness tip that will change your life forever”

The reality is that there isn’t one fitness plan that suits everyone. The best fitness plan for you is the one that is unique to your goals and is on that you’ll stick to!

When it comes to creating a fitness plan, there isn’t one secret workout that will change your entire body instantly, but when you figure out your unique goals for your body type, you can develop a plan that empowers you and helps you stay focused. Here’s how:

1 - Set your primary goal

The first step in creating a fitness plan for your body is to determine what your unique primary goal is.

Do you want to be able to compete in the upcoming marathon? Maybe you want to lose those extra 5kg you gained over Winter? Or maybe you just want to improve your tone and strength.

It’s important to choose just ONE primary goal. This will build your focus, keep you motivated and get you quicker results. From there, you can build upon your plan with new goals once you see progress.

2 - Choose the exercises that support your primary goal

Next, you want to understand what exercises will support you in achieving your primary goal. This is the part where choosing exercises that you can see yourself sticking with (and maybe even enjoying!) is vital.

For example, your primary goal may be to lose those extra 5kg. You’ll need a combination of cardio and weights, such as regular running and bodyweight workouts to support you towards that goal.

If you’re keen to get strong and toned, you might look into a mixture of yoga and weight training to slim you down, but build up strong and lean muscles at the same time.

Think of your goal and write down or research any exercises that come to mind that will support you to achieve it.

3 - Run your plan through the focus test

Now that you’ve set your goal and brainstormed the best exercises to help you reach it, it’s time to run your plan through a focus test. This is where you determine whether your plan will keep you motivated, focused and work for your schedule.

Ask yourself:

●Does this fit into my weekly schedule or can I easily make time?

●What workouts can I swap in if I start to get bored?

●What can I do to keep myself focused on my goal? (you might find a workout buddy, get a personal trainer or buy new workout clothing)

If you can see yourself working towards your goal, and you’re excited to get started, it’s time to plan out when you’ll be fitting your workouts into your week. Make sure you schedule time for exercise into your calendar (like you would any other important appointment) and show up for yourself to bring those goals to life!

Remember that exercise and moving your body is something to be enjoyed. Our bodies crave movement, so create a plan that incorporates things you like to do and you’ll reach your goals that much quicker.