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5 Simple Ways to Keep Your Tummy Flat During the Silly Season

The silly season calls for fun and festivities with friends and family, but with it often comes weight gain and bloated tummies. These 5 tips will help you banish the extra weight and keep your tummy flat, while still having fun over the holidays!

Switch every second drink for water

The silly season calls for parties and regular festivities and alcohol is usually part of that. If you’re keen to beat the bloat and achieve a healthier body this silly season, aim to reduce your alcohol intake. One of the simplest ways to do that is by setting yourself an alcohol limit and switching every second drink for water.

When you drink alcohol, your body dehydrates and certain alcoholic beverages will cause uncomfortable bloating too. Keeping hydrated will help reduce bloating, keep you in control and of course, it will help to keep any nasty hangovers at bay!

Eat a healthy meal before an event

When you’re at a social event it can be so easy to fill up on canapes and snack food, without realising what or how much you’re eating. Often party food is filled with preservatives and fats that lead to unhealthy bloating and weight gain. Try making a healthy and filling meal before attending a social gathering to make sure the trays of food being passed around do not tempt you. Aim for lean protein, mixed with leafy greens and natural fats to keep you full and satisfied for hours to come.

Switch Sugar Filled Sweets for Homemade Treats

We tend to eat more junk food and sugary sweets over the silly season, particularly around Christmas. To keep your tummy flat and happy, take back control over what treats you enjoy by making them yourself. There are countless recipes for all natural sweets that only use wholefoods and natural sugars. Try homemade organic chocolate, or banana ‘nicecream’ for a tasty natural treat the whole family will love.

Get moving

During the silly season we tend to party more and move a whole lot less. Make this year different by scheduling in regular exercise and movement. Get creative with it and grab your friends and family to go stand up paddle boarding, to a yoga class or a long hike outdoors. Make regular movement part of your holiday fun and you’ll help to banish that extra weight for good.

Detox your gut

We’re always consuming toxins, from the environment to the food and drinks we consume, but in the silly season, toxins are at an all time high. We tend to overindulge during the silly season, leading to weight gain and bloated tummies. If you’re tired of feeling sick and toxic, give yourself a silly season break by detoxing your body. Schedule in a 14 day break with our detox kit to flush away any nasty toxins and heal the gut and digestive system. Your body will thank you for it.