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Detox Safely and Effectively Without Disrupting Your Busy Schedule

In today’s rat race, your life probably feels like a juggling act?

It is indeed a competitive world out there, so your ambition drives you to get ahead in life. But how difficult is that when your energy is low, you’re feeling tired, overweight, lacking in vitality, and dragging yourself out of bed every morning, with no joy left inside?

You know that in order to stay ahead of your game and “do it all”; work, friends, social engagements, corporate events, exercise, looking after your kids, taking them to sport and more, you need to stay healthy and look after yourself. Especially to perform, adapt and and cope well with all the stressors that life throws at you. But most importantly so you have the adaptive energy left at the end of your day, to give your family and yourself, that quality attention.

It’s just so important to feel that you are balancing out the stress and the over-indulgence of your day-to-day life with some self-care and relaxation.

Fast tip: A healthy, happy, energetic, quality “you” is the greatest gift you can give to yourself and others.

So when you think of taking a break and doing a detox program, you probably think “I’m too busy to commit to a detox right now” or “detoxes are bad quality and make me feel like crap initially”, or “detoxes are hocus pocus and not safe?”

But the truth is when the detox program you do is high quality, practitioner grade, organic and based on sound scientific principles, it is safe and can fit into your busy schedule.

Some detox programs are harsh and can involve starvation and strange products with no scientific strategy behind them. Side effects of detoxification in these cases can turn anyone off detox for life! Others consist of synthetic tablets that aren’t potent or high quality, and are targeting many different organs all at once.

Programs like Smart Cleanse that allow delicious organic sensible quantities of nutrient dense protein, fruit and vegetables (and all other organic food groups if not needing to losing weight), will provide enough nutrition and energy along with all the amazing anti-oxidants and phytonutrients in the supplements, to keep your body functioning normally, allowing steady and safe detoxification, so that you can continue your busy day (with less stress of course!).

Here are 10 steps to take to ensure your safety and comfort during detoxification:

  1. First and fore mostly, do not use if pregnant or breastfeeding: However, a detox program is ideal to support overall health and wellbeing prior to conception.
  2. Pre-detox preparation is a must: It is highly recommended to taper off the major toxins such as caffeine, alcohol, sugar and processed salt gradually over 4 days to avoid withdrawal symptoms. Caffeine withdrawal can potentially cause the greatest discomfort. If you consume 4 coffees per day, do not start Smart Cleanse abruptly. It is advised that you reduce your intake by one coffee per day, over 4 days, to avoid serious headaches, and other related symptoms of withdrawal.
  3. Know the symptoms of detoxification: It is very normal in the 1st 4 days of detoxification to experience either headaches, aches and pains, fatigue, or slight nausea. This is because toxins are being released from your cells and into your bloodstream. The worse the detox symptoms in the beginning, the better you are going to feel after Day 4. You should start to sleep really well after day 4 and wake brighter than ever!
  4. Smart Cleanse Colon Cleanse Formula in week 1: Is a source of fibre and therefore aids regular laxation and elimination. Every individual responds differently, so it is suggested you start at once daily in the morning, then adjust the frequency according to your individual response.
  5. What foods should I be eating while I’m on the Program? The Smart Cleanse Instruction Manual provides you with a comprehensive Allowable Food List and also a Carbohydrate (carbs) and Calorie Counter, where you will be eating the recommended portion in grams, tallying 20 – 30 grams of carbs daily for weight loss, from the following food groups: Protein, alkaline-rich vegetables, seeds, fresh herbs, water, and herbal teas. If you don’t need to lose any weight, then eat organic preferably from most of the food groups except dairy (protein, fruit, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts and seeds).
  6. What should I do if I experience headaches in the first few days? Headaches can indicate many things, but most commonly in this case could be either because you have come off caffeine too suddenly, or because toxins are being released for elimination in your bloodstream. I recommend that you drink plenty of purified water in between meals, perhaps have half a shot of caffeine just for 1 or 2 days, so your vascular system has time to adjust to the changes (caffeine constricts arterioles in your system, so when you avoid it, vasodilation of arterioles produces a headache). I always recommend before commencing a Detox Program, that strictly avoids caffeine, to gradually wean yourself off caffeine 3-4 days prior. In severe cases you may need to cease the program and seek medical advice.
  7. What can I do if detoxification makes me feel unwell? The Smart Cleanse products contain a large majority of certified organic ingredients and are flavoured naturally, only using natural and real peppermint, cinnamon and vanilla bean powders. The products are also low allergy, meaning they do not contain any yeast, gluten, milk derivatives, preservatives, artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners. If you do however, for any reason have an adverse reaction to any one of the products, please discontinue, and just carry on with the Detox Rules and Weight Loss Plan.
  8. Can I have any alcohol during a detox program? No, none. Alcohol is one of the major toxins so needs to be avoided for successful detoxification, liver health, and weight loss.
  9. What happens if I weaken and have one alcoholic beverage? Don’t get dis-heartened and beat yourself up by throwing the towel in. Forgive yourself and remember your commitment saying no to the next drink, choosing mineral water with fresh fruit in it, and getting straight back on the horse so to speak. The program is only 14 days… c’mmon you can do it!
  10. What if I am on medication? Can I start a detox program? It is always advised before commencing Detox Program like Smart Cleanse to check with your GP or health professional, as to whether there are any risks involved. It has been clinically proven to be a very safe program unless you are PREGNANT, BREAST FEEDING OR HAVE A SERIOUS MEDICAL CONDITION.