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30 Amazing Things Happen To Your Health When You Quit Alcohol For 28 Days

If you are feeling trapped in a loop of drinking which you can’t seem to get out of then we promise you our latest article on alcohol will inspire you to take a break for a month!

We get that you drink to achieve a certain state and you do achieve it quite quickly, right?

Let’s be honest more often than not it’s to escape reality! The ironic part is that alcohol is mostly the cause of most of your problems that have formed overtime, is it not?….

The more you drink the more problems you have usually and if you don’t address your problems with a smart, rational mind then usually they will just wait for you and if you stay stuck in that loop, those problems get bigger and bigger. Can you relate? Do you see that this as some sort of self-perpetuating cyclone?

Because in fact if you do drink alcohol to escape any feeling mentioned below, then in time those problems will only snowball.

We know you may say to yourself or feel that anything is better than…



In pain…

Facing insurmountable problems

Not being able to let go of trauma…

Recurring painful thoughts…

Limiting beliefs?

Work / life imbalance and stress juggling stuff…

Financial pressures or relationship stress….

To be fair, alcohol until now has given you an instant solution to your problems for perhaps so many years and whilst it does have a positive intention and higher purpose for you... at the subconscious level of your programming, a solution should never be a chemical to sweep things under the carpet.

It’s true that in the western world, we are a nation of drinkers and because it’s a socially acceptable recreational chemical, we find it very easy to consume!

But there is always a healthier, more resourceful, better way to relax and unwind… and it starts with the 3 A’s – which I will reveal at the end of this article and not to ignore.... definitely in my opinion adding a healthier morning ritual or daily routine to meet your value of relaxation. Even replacing alcohol with a massage or meditation the minute you get a craving is a great strategy ..

Sure, alcohol can be alluring and very enticing after a stressful day at work because it is a central nervous system relaxant – in fact it’s actually an anaesthetic and numbs nerve endings, in the same way that an anti-depressant works.

So if you can’t do without alcohol it has obviously become a form of self-medication naturally and understandably, given it’s effects.

It also stimulates your relaxing or nerve firing inhibiting neurotransmitter gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA); the one caffeine blocks. No wonder you crave alcohol after a morning on the bean!

Caffeine to wake you up in the morning and the wine or whatever your poison to unwind at night?

Sound familiar?

We know it may be the case, so we want to plant the seed and then water it by saying.... that both are recreational drugs and both are zapping your radiance, glowing skin, energy, mental clarity and happiness, dehydrating you, demineralising you, and ageing you… It’s time for a break isn’t it?


The Turps Jungle

From the first sip, alcohol is absorbed through your stomach and immediately reaches your brain. Early on, we will experience mild euphoria and loss of inhibition, as alcohol impairs the regions of your brain controlling behaviour and emotion (1).

Because of these effects, sometimes you may drink to numb emotional pain, negative beliefs and the feeling of a low mood. Alcohol temporarily enhances your moods due to a surge in your happy neurotransmitters, dopamine, serotonin and triggers the release of endorphins — chemicals that produce feelings of pleasure. That’s why it’s so addictive.

But unfortunately, over time these neurotransmitters burn out leaving you feeling flat and depressed.

GABA too burns out over time and then you’re left feeling anxious, as there is not enough of this neurotransmitter in your system to inhibit nerve activity. That’s when you feel compelled to reach for another drink to mask your anxiety! It’s a downward spiral that’s very easy to fall into, hence why we call it the alcohol loop.

And it makes you stupid and loopy as it shuts down your frontal lobe or critical faculty, that part of your brain involved in decision making, rational thought and emotional stability. All those parts of your mind that prevent regret.

Alcohol, also stimulates the release of endorphins giving you that high that is so addictive. It is a fact that alcohol is the second most addictive substance on the planet, heroin being the most addictive. If you are addicted at the moment, it’s not entirely your fault 
(only really in the context that you are not aware how addictive it is).

Alcohol may relieve pain and enhance pleasure temporarily, but the truth is alcohol is a poison that can potentially damage all body organs over time if frequent. The world health organisation's minimal recommendations if you’re a healthy adult:

  • on any day, you should not drink more than 2 standard drinks — this will reduce your risk of alcohol-related disease or injury over your lifetime
  • on a single occasion, you should not drink more than 4 standard drinks over several hours — this will reduce your risk of injury and death on that occasion.

Through awareness and understanding we promise you, you will be capable of letting go of it for a while and breaking the pattern.


Do You Want To Re-Frame Your Relationship With Alcohol and Take a Break

Over the past few years, Aussies have started to seriously reassess their relationship with alcohol. Campaigns such as Dry July have been hugely successful in helping people take a break from drinking in an attempt to reset their attitudes towards alcohol consumption. According to Drink Wise, 20 per cent of Australians now say they don’t drink at all, which is almost double the number of teetotallers from 10 years ago (2).

What a great goal to have? Or even opting for moderation on a weekend only after your 28 day break.

Dry Julys are one of three months of the year where drinkers abstain from the booze by declaring a moratorium on alcohol. The other two months are FebFast and Ocsober. It's a great idea to do this detox program in one of these months, but any time you decide is equally as important, remembering ideally that for optimal health, you can cleanse three to four times a year!

Also, moderating your alcohol intake to 4 days a week with at least three alcohol free days after your detox program, is a good idea. The World Health Organisation strongly advises this to avoid illness and taking a possible 20 years of living off you life!

But enough of the gloomy truth about alcohol in this article… We want to inspire you with the life changing benefits that you will experience when you take a break from this poison and over what time frame you can expect these delicious benefits….

We find this so motivating and hope it inspires you to consider at least having a break for 28 days from alcohol ….A group of our Smart Cleanse Achievers gave up drinking alcohol for 28 days and did 28 days of 14 Day Smart Cleanse and we documented the effects of their detox. The thing that was most obvious was that their physical appearance changed dramatically for the better. But we know you know that that happens already, don’t you? …

Week 1: Even though toxins being released for removal and some side effects, they felt calmer and started burning body fat

When drinking, many people feel the need for a lot of food, especially late in the night. So initially blood sugar levels were a bit out of whack, but normalised soon in the first week. After 7 days appetite decreased and fat loss kicked in via ketosis and metabolising low carb, nutrient dense food. There were some mild detoxification side effects like sweating, broken sleep, mild headache, irregular digestion, fatigue… as week 1 weeding kicked in killing any pathogenic microflora leading to dysbiosis, brain fog and bloating in the past along with all toxins being released from every cell into the blood stream for elimination. Also stress and anxiety started to diminish as the stress response was given a rest.

But by….


Week 2: They experienced better sleep and overall health

Their sleep improved, they looked healthier, and the dark circles around the eyes disappeared due to the liver and kidneys cleansing and working properly. Moreover, their sense of smell and taste improved, as well as the function of the urinary tract. Tummy appeared flatter, bloating gone and mood at an all time high. Any long standing dysbiosis was cleared as most chronic pathogenic invasion requires 2 weeks of our Weeding Tonic phase. Energy producing organs working well and waking with energy due to deeper sleep. Libido increased too.


Week 3: Improvement of digestion, liver, skin and complexion

Human liver recovers within three weeks, so the skin complexion of our customers improved, their wrinkles disappeared as their circulation was working efficiently, with improved digestion working the way it should. Their skin glowed and looked radiant and "rosey," as caffeine no longer blocked production of hyaluronic acid which attracts water molecules making skin look fresh and dewy.


Week 4: Lower risk of cardiovascular disease....

& Higher confidence and better mental state

During the last week, they lost 6 – 8 kgs, their risk of cardiovascular disease was reduced, and their high blood pressure was lowered. Also, they became more confident and their brain started working more efficiently.

Gut health was at an all time high with gut microbiome thriving after 28 days. Addictive cycles were gone and new neural pathways for health enhancing habits were easily established. Any long standing illness and its symptoms reversed and disappeared. Every system was humming. Human growth hormone rose and which lead to greater fat burning capabilities and anti-ageing.



The findings of a 2018 research conducted by the Royal Free Hospital released in the British Medical Journal showed that quitting alcohol for a month:

  • Lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels

  • Lead to weight loss

  • Improves sleep

  • Lowers risk of disease

  • Decreases blood protein levels (cancer protection)

  • Saved a lot of money

Therefore, the benefits one experiences after quitting drinking are numerous. According to experts at, it takes three weeks to break a habit, so taking a month to see the changes will definitely convince you to never go back to alcohol.

And it all starts with the 3 A's - Awareness, Acceptance, Action and that action is actually forgiveness! And yoga, mediation, exercise, and facing reality! We will help you with these processes during coaching if needed.

If you are ready to experience all the incredible life changing health benefits, reverse long standing health conditions, challenge yourself to detox and eat clean for wellness and weight loss then we would love to invite you to our Smart Cleanse Dry July 28 day challenge commencing Monday the 1st of July......

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Hope this helps! 



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