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How To Turn COVID Cabin Fever Into A Health Opportunity

How are you coping with restrictions at the moment, wherever you are?

Tough and uncertain times can breed all sorts of physical and mental health issues. But what if you could turn COVID cabin fever into the health opportunity of a lifetime?

There’s no better motivation than going Dry this July. We're doing “Dry Winter,” so we will be with you every step of the way!

It’ll do wonders for your health, mental clarity, mood, waistline, relationships, and more. A perfect time to detox too, as not too many social engagements to tempt you off your detox.

So, what are toxins anyway? A toxin is any substance that interrupts cell function and cell structure, including DNA.

Toxins are all around us. They are in our homes, our food, our water, even in our skincare and makeup. We are just as exposed to toxins during lockdown as we were before the pandemic. Just look at the data on alcohol sales, for example - they are up 30 percent since 2020.

Over time, constant exposure to toxins can cause them to build up and overload our body, in particular our digestive system, liver, kidneys, and skin.

When you undergo a detox program, the aim is to remove as many toxins as possible from your body, by reducing the number you take in as you help your system clean out the backlog stored throughout cells in your body and organs. This will do wonders for your immune system also, as it no longer is required to fight the continuing war against chemicals and foreign invaders. It will also allow inflammation to leave your body. Inflammation is really the immune system’s last resort at fighting toxins, so if you have inflammation anywhere in your body, you are in need of a deep cleanse.

Instead of assaulting your body and mind with the major toxins (drinking that poison and eating too many carbs), why don’t you flip this opportunity on its head and take the higher ground for your health and wellness?

It’s also the best time to detox, as your calendar won’t derail your success with social engagements. Imagine how good you will feel spending your time healing, rejuvenating, nurturing yourself, and getting radiant inside & out with self-compassion, rather than trashing yourself in self-pity and feeling shame.

If you are thinking “…but that’s what my body is designed to do! I am already detoxing daily. Why do I need a detox program?”, my answer would be that you are addicted to major toxins, also called recreational drugs by Naturopaths. These include caffeine, alcohol, sugar and prescription medications - along with all the chemicals you are exposed to daily (exogenous toxins) in not only commercial produce, packaged foods & other beverages, but also in makeup, air pollution, radiation and endogenous toxins (the toxins that pathogenic microbiota produce).

For example: if your drinking habits are less like 7 standard drinks per week and more like 7- 8 drinks per day, your liver becomes overloaded and cannot effectively break down the alcohol fast enough.

Acetaldehyde (even more toxic than the alcohol itself) overflows into your bloodstream, damaging your membranes and possibly causing scar tissue if the assault continues for long enough.

Acetaldehyde poisoning also leads to a hangover, and can result in a faster heartbeat, a headache or an upset stomach. The brain is the most affected by acetaldehyde poisoning, as the toxin causes problems with brain activity (cognitive function) and can impair memory.

The good news is detoxification can intercept addictive, health-destroying habits and retrain your brain, along with avoiding toxic overload, enhance your speed of detoxification, and heal the gut, liver and brain.

Once the toxins have been cleared from the 70 trillion cells in your body:

  • You’ll feel full of energy because your body isn’t constantly fighting nasty chemicals, pathogenic bacteria and poisons
  • Your skin, hair, and nails will shine with health
  • Supporting your digestive system will correct problems like leaky gut or irritable bowel, and the bloating will improve out of sight
  • Even if you don’t aim to lose weight, you’ll probably find your stubborn bulge will disappear, and you’ll have a leaner, more streamlined body
  • Your hormones will come back into balance because you’ll feel less stressed
  • Your immune system will become more robust, and inflammation will significantly reduce leading to less aches and pains
  • Depression and anxiety will reverse and you will feel lighter and brighter with a more positive outlook; living in the now and enriched when thinking about the future
  • You will sleep better and wake up earlier and brighter with more energy and motivation, the longer you stay on this path

There are many different products which claim to help you detox, but my 14 Day Smart Cleanse is the only practitioner-developed program in convenient kit form that you can find in Australia.

When you walk out of a 50-minute Naturopathic consult, you can easily spend $600 for the session, along with the supplements. Not with Smart Cleanse. I made it affordable for you. Detoxification is the first line of treatment protocol in the reversal of any illness, and we recommend 1 – 3 months of following detoxification and dietary protocol to heal and reverse illness. 97 percent of all disease is reversible, and the healing process must start with practitioner grade detoxification.

It’s a two-in-one program: both a gut-focused detox and a low carb keto dietary program that helps you rid your body of toxins, weeds out any pathogenic microbiota (bacteria) in your gut, and heals your gut lining while strengthening the integrity of the cells and tight junctions (or glue that holds your gut barrier together). This is known as leaky gut and is very common, yet often goes undiagnosed by your GP.

Detoxification also boosts your gut microbiome balance, normalises your digestion, and cleanses & restores your liver and adrenal glands. Those are just a few of the major benefits, but they are endless.

The best part is you will follow our simple and delicious dietary plan to support the detoxification process; boosting your weight-loss as it drives you into a state of ketosis (deep fat-burning). You will balance your blood sugar levels in the process, causing a lowering of your appetite - which is a desirable bonus.

You can see what you will be eating on your detox here: plan

14 Day Smart Cleanse

We're passionate about helping people discover how amazing it can feel to live without a body burdened by harmful toxins. If you’d like to learn more about our detoxification process, you can find all the details here:

It might be a little tough making changes in the beginning, but as you start to cleanse and shine, it gets easier and easier. Don’t you want to feel amazing in just 14 days?

If you’d like to make a change for the better, order the 14 Day Smart Cleanse now and try it for yourself. Women and men across Australia are raving about the results, but if for some reason you find it doesn’t work for you, it’s simple to claim our 100% Money Back Guarantee.

In just 14 Days you could turn your health around – click here to get started today.

Imagine when the restrictions have been lifted and you are the healthiest, most glowing version of yourself - both free and free of all the addictions that used to weigh you down. What do you notice about yourself in new situations within your personal, family, and business life? What else do you notice?

You can’t pour from an empty cup. Take care of yourself first!

PS: Worried you can’t commit to 14 days, or think you might not be able to give up caffeine, alcohol or sugar? It’s ok to have a slip up once in a while, and you’ll still notice a huge difference on the program - but most women tell us that after they’ve cleansed their bodies, they don’t even want or need the coffee, wine or sugar anymore, because they have replaced it with equally if not more satisfying and heath-giving alternatives.