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Tips to cleanse during Dry July for a complete health overhaul

Dry July is one of the best times of year for a complete health overhaul. Quitting alcohol for the month is the first step to rid your body of toxins, and give your hardworking liver a chance to cleanse. While you’re avoiding alcohol in Dry July, it’s the perfect time to completely detox your body and lifestyle, resulting in renewed energy, weight loss and balance in your life.

Imagine the way your body will feel going one month free of alcohol and other toxins! Here are our favourite tips to help you completely overhaul your health with ease.

Commit to going toxin free for the month

Changing your health & lifestyle starts first with commitment. If you’re doing Dry July, make a note of the obvious toxins in your life such as sugary and processed foods, cigarettes, or unhealthy habits and make a commitment to quit these for the full month. Yes, it might sound daunting but with commitment and a strong vision for a healthier body, mind and soul, you can absolutely make it happen!

Detox your gut and cleanse from head to toe

Detoxing from alcohol during Dry July is the perfect time to support your body with a deep cleanse. Our 14 day cleanse is a premium naturopathic detox program that is based on the naturopathic principles of ‘Weed, Seed & Feed’. This unique approach focuses on achieving optimal gut function first, before cleansing and supporting your liver.

Why support the gut first? You simply can’t successfully detox your body and achieve optimal health without first addressing your gut. Your gut hosts 75% of your immune system and is commonly called the ‘second brain’ as it contains a separate nervous system that controls digestion.

Any toxins, like those found in alcohol and processed foods can break down the gut wall and cause burden on the body, through inflammation and countless other diseases. These toxins directly affect the liver and kidneys, which burdens their ability to successfully detox your body. Cleansing the gut first will drastically improve your overall health during Dry July.

Find balance in your daily routine

Dry July is a wonderful time to assess your life holistically and look at areas of stress and balance. Stress is a leading cause of many diseases and has a direct affect on the overall health of your body, mind and soul. Use this time to introduce healthy stress reducing habits into your daily routine.


Look for ways to incorporate more movement into your daily life. As you detox it’s best to use gentle movement like walking or yoga to support your body as it cleanses.


Take a mental time out as you cleanse, by introducing daily meditation. Meditation is an instant stress reliever and you can even take 5 or 10 minutes to enjoy the benefits.


Reconnect with your soul by surrounding yourself with people who light you up, or trying a new creative activity. Find what you love and bring more of it into your daily routine.