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3 Great Questions a Smart Cleanse Customer Asked Us Today

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1. Is the eating program quite difficult to follow? i.e only certain types of fruit and veg

It is very easy to follow which is good. In the kit you will receive the Smart Cleanse instruction manual and if you go to page 24 Weight Loss Section, you will find all the allowable foods in Carb and Calorie counter. Just tailor it to the fruits and veggies you can eat and like to eat. The rules for rapid weight loss are Protein and Veggies week 1 and Protein, Fruit and Veggies week 2. There is no starvation with this program. Choose organic produce to minimise your exposure to toxins in commercial produce.

2. Is the weight loss due losing fluids from your body or is it actually dissolving fat?

The weight loss is due mainly to fat loss and a little bit of any excess fluid your body is holding onto as a result of toxicity. When you eat low Gi or low carb and combine it with a Detox program, your body switches from a glucose metabolism to a fat-burning metabolism, so fat stores are used to fuel your bodys energy. Thats why its not uncommon for customers to lose 5 kilos, lose inches or maybe a dress size in 14 days, and there after, when they continue with the maintenance program (outlined in the instruction manual).

3. I’m going on a holiday mid August - as I’ll most likely indulging in foods, will I gain more weight than I’ve lost?

Smart Cleanse really resets your “set point” or metabolism. If you lose 3-4 kilos of body fat while on Smart Cleanse, and then you indulge daily and heavily while on a holiday at every meal, you may gain body fat again due to high blood sugar and high insulin levels (fat-storing hormone). The key is while on holiday to indulge sensibly maybe one meal every second day and eat low GI and healthy foods for all the other meals. Its all about balance and listening to your body! The beauty about experiencing the weight loss on Smart Cleanse is that you will know the secret weapon for rapid weight loss (protein and veggies) and be able to go back on that regime for a day after overindulgence, to maintain your weight loss results.

Hope this helps Jae! Good luck..